We deliver a national AV production and hire service in Adelaide, Brisbane, Hobart, Hunter Valley, Melbourne and Sydney. Each location is run by a local Director who is a shareholder in the business. That gives us the incentive to respond quickly, do deals and give you the personal attention you want.

We will never be the biggest AV company in Australia. We have deliberately said no to growth opportunities because the calibre of technicians who work for us are really hard to find, and we won’t compromise that.

We operate in-house in a number of excellent venues, though most of our work is via event professionals, the producers and PCO’s who do a lot of events and like the reliability and continuity we can deliver.

We do video, audio, lighting, staging, IT and other event technical services. That’s our specialty. We don't do event creative, we’d rather focus on what we do really well: the technical stuff.

We have won the Best AV Company in the Country Award for the last 5 years.

As a new-ish company we have been able to set up the whole business around new technology, without having to fit in around legacy gear. We are ruthless in selling off equipment and buying new stuff, because our professional clients demand that.

Our technical crew are specifically trained in dealing with high-level corporate presenters, and on developing the personal skills to put them at ease during the stressful time when they’re about to get up on stage.