At The Back, In Black.

Notorious AV industry supergroup, AV/DC, first appeared at the MEA National Conference on Hamilton Island, with their own tour jet. They were banned for life from the island after antics involving a hot tub and a thousand litres of avocado dip. They returned for one final MEA Conference gig in 2016 at notorious Melbourne rock pit Cherry Bar in AV/DC Lane – louder, dirtier and with nastier moustaches. The entire band was taken into custody later that night by the Victorian Vice Squad. AV/DC is available for gigs in 2021 after all the members are released from Pentridge Prison.

Joe Fuchsen (Scene Change Adelaide) – drums
Parko (Select AV Melbourne) – lead gtr
Delaney (Scene Change Melbourne) – bass
Kealan Sunshine Coleman (AV1 Sydney) – lead vox, gtr
Ian Whitworth (Scene Change Australia) – lead vox, gtr

Special Guests
Kirsty Foulcher (Peter Jones Special Events, vox)
Meri Took (Staging Rentals, vox)
Gareth Percey (Scene Change Brisbane, MC)
Darren Isenberg (Darren Isenberg Presents, keys)

Senator Richard Di Natale Condemns AV/DC